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About Us

In 1999 Kathy West started her business Stage Presence, supplying greetings cards and gifts to lovers of theatre, music and dance.

Kathy has a background in theatre, having acted, sung, danced and directed for many years. The daughter of a professional ballroom dancer, she started dancing almost as soon as she could walk, and hasn't stopped since!

Initially, Stage Presence mailed an 8 page catalogue to a small mailing list. Things started to grow until eventually, by 2007, we were mailing a 28 page catalogue to thousands of people.

The internet has revolutionised the mail-order business, and we no longer produce a catalogue, operating instead from our website www.stagepresents.co.uk

In 2011, in response to many requests from dancers, we opened our Dance Presents website. We aim to provide unusual and unique dance items to lovers of all forms of dance - from ballet to tap, ballroom to Broadway.

We pride ourselves on being friendly and helpful, so if you have any queries, please don't hesitate to e mail us using the 'Contact Us' button, or give us a call on 01208 816214.

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